Collision Repair

Collision Repair and Painting

White Flint Collision Repair Did you get into an automobile accident? Big or small we’re here to help at White Flint Collision in Rockville MD. We’re a well-known auto body repair shop as well as being a collision repair shop. There are many collision centers out there to help you when an accident occurs, but here at least you’ll get the quality and great service you deserve.

At White Flint Collision, Rockville MD you have the confidence of knowing that our skilled mechanics and painters will do great quality work you want and need.

We always offer reliable, fast and quality collision repair and painting for your vehicle when you bring it to us. We understand that getting into an accident is something none of us wants, but rest assure we’ll be there for you every step of the process.

Our #1 goal is to make your time with us as easy-going as possible. Let us get your vehicle back to into great shape!

Our experienced technicians will perform the repairs necessary to the damaged body of your vehicle as well as custom paint the repaired area.White Flint Collision repair Auto Body painting

We can also help you with Insurance questions on your collision repair.

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If you have other questions about how we can help, we can be reached: (301) 881-8002 or message us or come by to visit