Auto Detailing

Exterior and Interior Auto Detailing

Exterior Auto Detailing at White Flint Collision Getting an exterior or interior auto detailing will make your vehicle look and smell nice. But it also acts as a shield again damage. Finding an auto detailing shop isn’t as hard as you may think. Auto detailing, or car dealing consists of a meticulous cleaning of a vehicle. Extending the life of a vehicle is important to everyone; businesses included. See our information about fleet services.

White Flint Collision isn’t only a car repair or auto body repair shop, but also a renowned detailing shop. When your vehicle is detailed it will be cleaned, buff and all the parts polished inside and out. We use our own tools and cleaning products.

For the exterior cleaning, it will receive a thorough washing. This will get all the grime, salt, dirt, pollen, any other gunk off the outside from top to bottom.Interior Auto Detailing at White Flint Collision

For the interior cleaning, we will vacuum everywhere inside the vehicle. We also will clean out all of the dirt, dust, stains, food crumbs and any other contaminants inside of your vehicle. We will scrub all the dirt that’s been deeply ingrained into the seats, dashboard, interior glass, flooring and everything else inside your vehicle.



If you’re interested in getting an exterior auto detailing or interior auto detailing (or both!) please contact us at: (301) 881-8002 or send us a message or stop in for a visit.