Auto Insurance And Your Rights

Choosing the right auto repair facility.

You have the right to select the auto repair shop of your choice. But you’ll want to be sure to ask for references or look for reviews from other satisfied customers. Bottom line: If you don’t “feel” right about leaving your vehicle there, then don’t! Go somewhere where all of your questions are answered and where you feel comfortable – somewhere like White Flint Collision. Once you pick an auto repair shop, leave your automobile there and notify your auto insurance company.

Do I need three estimates?

No. By Maryland State Law you are only required to get one estimate from the auto body shop of your choosing. You can still get as many as you like, but the insurance company cannot demand that you get more than one. Select a repair facility of your choice before you discuss the claim with your insurance company. If you feel the vehicle is unsafe to continue to drive, you can require the insurance company to come to you to do their inspection of the damage.

Authorized repair shops?

An insurance company might attempt to steer you to one of their authorized or “contracted” repair shops. Be wary! These shops may have cut deals with the insurance company or have agreed to attempt to sell you cheap aftermarket parts.

White Flint Collision is not bound to any contract to any insurance company. We choose not to cut any deals at the expense of your vehicle. We are an independent, family-owned business that you can trust and it will always be that way.

If you have other questions about how we work with insurance companies and how we can help you wade through the ins and outs of working with your insurance company. Please call us at (301) 881-8002 or click here

At White Flint Collision in Rockville, MD we always try our best to make your car repair experience as stress-free as possible.