What You Should Know About Auto Body Repair Estimates.

Auto Body Repair Estimates - Auto Body Connection Germantown MDInternet and phone estimates

Be wary of estimates given on the internet or phone. You may end up being disappointed because the best way for a body shop to give an accurate estimate is to actually see the vehicle. For them to throw out a number over the phone leaves too much room for surprises if there is actually more damage than you communicated or they thought.

What to expect

Most customers don’t know what to expect when they bring their vehicle to an auto repair center. The first thing that needs to happen is for our technicians and service writer to inspect the vehicle and fill out a written estimate.

Damage report

An estimate is a visual damage report. It is the damage that can be physically seen at the time of the inspection. All the damage can be identified once the vehicle is disassembled and a damage report can be completed. A damage report is a blueprint for restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition.


Sometimes you can save money by using non-Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or even used parts. Keep in mind you have the option to pick up brand new parts from the dealer. We’ll give you your options and let you decide what works best for you and your budget.


Estimates can be scheduled Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30 pm depending on weather conditions. Estimates generally take 10-15 minutes. Walk in estimates are welcome. Vehicles requiring electrical or mechanical diagnosis will need to be dropped off and left with us for a few hours in order to complete the full diagnosis.


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